Secret Agent Handbook, Waddle Lot of Laughs, The Inventor's Apprentice, The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin, Igloo Makeover, Stowaway!, and Stuck on Puffles are now available in a book store near you. Just like the Club Penguin Toys that were released, the books will give you a code to unlock special items in Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Books

If you like these books then you will also like the Free Club Penguin Membership contest too. It is really easy to enter.

2 Responses to “New Club Penguin Books Released”
  1. stinky princ says:

    kool : )

  2. jhghjkglbghjl says:

    Well, I would not nessecarily buy them but, maybe other people would. I hope that I can earn my ninja belt.

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