Hello Club Penguins! Feast your eyes on this good-looking fellow. You almost admire him in that headgear and pirate suit. The blue bird with a yellow beak looks like a candidate for a role in a ‘High seas’ production. In his hands is a telescope that he will use to see anything too far away. This is an amazing toy to have, together with all the accessories.

As is our tradition, we cover cheats and recently, we covered the club penguins that were released on the July 2011 copy of the penguin catalogue. If you are well aware of that, you might be surprised to find out that there is a cheat that you don’t know about. There is a ‘new dance move cheat.’ We came to learn about this through Sierra890, who let us in on the secret that when you put on new clothing on the penguins in specific combinations, you will do the telescope move. For you to do this, you need to follow these simple rules:

  1. Purchase the following items from the new penguin style catalogue, a pirateer/hat, a telescope, and the nest vest for the crow.
  2. Remove everything off your penguin and dress it up with only the three items that you bought.
  3. Click on the dance button or if you are using a keyboard, key in the letter ’D’.

Reaching this point, you are ready to make use of the telescope. Use it to find the            Migrator as well as the ‘find Rockhopper’ for the island Adventure party of 2011.

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