Hello Club Penguins! There are new items again hidden around the new Penguin Style Catalogue for the month of August! This month, two new items are hidden in the catalogue and I bet you are all itching to know what these cool items are. Well, here are the cheats to find them.

To find the hidden items, open the Penguin Style Catalogue and go to the winter page and look for the tree top marked on the picture below. You will find the cool Summit Boots worth 250 coins.

To find the other hidden item, stay on the winter category and look for another tree top as shown on the picture below. Click it and you’ll find the Gnarly Helmet worth 200 coins!

There you have it Penguins! These new items will give your penguins cool new looks. Also, if you buy the Tundra Board, you will get a new dance move that looks like you’re snowboarding!

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