Hello Club Penguin Agents! It has been a while since the EPF Field Ops mission stopped coming and all agents enjoyed quite a long vacation from it. Perhaps it has been too long. It was a very long vacation that it almost lasted a month since Herbert’s biggest attempt to destroy EPF Headquarters using the big Hydra Robot. If could still remember, he almost destroyed the HQ completely and almost won, but we defeated him and sent him back to hiding! Yeah, it has been that long but we will see some action!  It is time to gear up again! Wear that spy suit, bring out the EPF gadgets and get ready to fight Herbert P Bear again and maybe for the last time!

It seems like recently, there are instances that Herbert tried to hack the EPF Headquarters and the most recent attack was perhaps the hardest to solve! Herbert is desperate I guess and he may sooner attack us agents from afar than to face us, as we have showed him during the Hydra robot’s attack. And he has to hurry because winter is near! Like what Professor G have said, the dropping of temperature in Club Penguins is enough to bring Herbert into hibernation, a really long sleep for bears and other animals during the winter. This might also be the chance to capture Herbert and bring an end to his evil schemes!

During the recent attempt to hack the EPF headquarters, we have learned where Herbert is hiding: in the Toughest Mountain. In August 25, 2011, the Great Snow Race will be held at the same location! We must act fast as Herbert might plan another scheme to try and ruin the event! We’ll be having action again, agents! Good luck!

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