Hello Club Penguins! Did any one of you remember that Opera web browser bug that doesn’t let you see your inventory? Well there is still no fix to that. And now, just recently, a new bug has been found using the web browser, Safari. The bug won’t let you type anything on the login window! Now how can we waddle on without being able to login to Club Penguins? This is affecting many players who use Macs as Safari is its default web browser. Here is a picture of the bug:

Though you can see a cursor, when you type anything in the box, no text will be displayed. This is starting to get problematic for many. I hope that the people at Club Penguins would fix this really soon along with other several bugs that Club Penguin is experiencing in different web browsers. For the Penguins affected by the bugs, you can always use other web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. Keep having fun Penguins!

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