Hello Club Penguins! Did you hear the announcement about the Club PenguinMusic Jam 2011? An announcement has finally been made by club penguin.

We have been waiting for this announcement. We had heard that the Music Jam might be kept going for another few days, since there was the domain name error from the previous week. Well they have done it. The Music Jam 2011 has been extended for another full week, so the party is going to carry on up until the July 4th weekend! Take a look at the video! It is fantastic.


Reporting news through videos seems to be the recent trend. You can see Billybob in the video, thanking us for being such awesome penguins. He then moves on to announce the extra week for the Music Jam!

You know what that means don’t you. You will now be able to chill with all your penguin friends in the cool music-themed Club Penguin; you will also have an extra week so that you can find DJ Cadence, or maybe the last member of the Club Penguin Band! Don’t’ forget to keep watching for our Cadence Tracker and Penguin Band Tracker. These are going to be your best chance to find the hard to get mascots on Club Penguin!

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