Have you seen the Club Penguin Webpage? Their page has just been updated on the website. This has been done to encourage more penguins to sign up. Come on Penguins, let’s get some more members on board.

Remember to always keep an eye out on this page as it will usually hold important information about upcoming parties, games and events. These updates will be updated before they happen in Club Penguin so keep checking this page every so often as this month has been no exception. It has proved to be an important source of information on what is to come.

If you go on the site at the moment, the majority of the information is in regards to the Music Jam 2011which is due to start later on in June.We already knew this however it is worth mentioning that you will be able to access the Night Club Rooftop and purchase more members’ only Music Jam 2011 items.

The most important news though is the fact that we are now able to confirm that the Island Adventure Party 2011 will be available from July! That’s only a few weeks away, Penguins.This is your chance to go to an Island Adventure Party in Club Penguin if you have never been to one before. It is an awesome summer party and you are sure to see Captain Rockhopper as he always comes to visit, so you will once again have a chance to meet up with him!

We still have to wait a little while longer but it’s still something that we should look forward to. After the Music Jam 2011 ends. Especially since we now know that the Island Adventure Party 2011 is just around the corner!

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