Hi Club Penguins, if you woke up bright and early this morning you would have seen the new Spyphone Message sent by our very own Agent G.All our penguins should have their spyphones buzzing as this message was sent out to all the Club Penguin members. To see the new message go to your spyphone and you should see this message:

“Field-Ops will be returning soon. Since Herbert is hiding we’ll assign weekly training-ops instead, so agents can continue earning medals”.

This is some great news today as it means that the Club Penguin Field-Ops will be returning to Club Penguin very soon. Fantastic! Can’t wait to see the new missions!

The really cool thing about it all is that, not only are there going to be new missions due to the Field-Ops returning, as we knew this was going to happen. But we are now also going to be receiving more training ops to keep us at the top of our game. Don’t worry Herbert, We might be waiting but we are not standing still and we are ready for you. We know that Herbert is hiding, so we are only going to do some drills until he manages to put a new plan together. However, I am not worried about him now. Not now that we will be going through our new training Ops missions anyway.

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