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What happened to All the EPF Field Ops?

Hello Club Penguin Agents! It has been a while since we had a field ops mission. The last was during the fight between Herbert and his giant Hydra Robot during the month of June that almost destroyed our headquarters! We won that fight and we deserved a good rest from all of it but now it’s taking quite a while before we got some real action again! I’m sure every one of you agents is eager to face Herbert and his minions again, right? Well, not of course wishing for another dangerous situation like the Hydra Robot, but maybe Headquarters should try to find Herbert and capture him once and for all.

EPF Headquarters may soon realize this that during the all this time, Herbert may be planning something bad again. They did say that we will have a long break from the EPF missions while Headquarters is still being rebuilt. Headquarters also said that they will give us a few training missions to keep us fit for the next attack of Herbert but that was almost a month ago and we only got one mission to boot! We are walking on very thin ice here agents and Herbert could try to attack us again really soon!

There were messages from Prof. G though that suggests that Herbert may not attack because of the big drop in temperature in Club Penguins. He may lay dormant for the coming winter as he prepares for his hibernation. There were also leads that from the looks of the Great Snow Race video, Herbert may be preparing his hibernation in the Yeti cave! Plans are still being drawn out to prepare for the coming party and we may finally capture that ill-tempered bear that always seeks to ruin everything in Club Penguins!

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