Hello Club Penguins! Did you see club penguin’s update yesterday? I hope you did because they have something new in store for us all. They have just introduced the all brand new DJ3K. Have you ever played with the mixer and really enjoyed what you had produced?If you did then you will be pleased to hear that if you spend all that time creative that masterpiece, you can now save it. When you want to save it, you are able to do so on your Club Penguin account. Not only that but you can even go in your Igloo to play your own tunes in privacy. If you want to catch a cool sneak peak, why not have a look at one of our member’s video demos to have a look at the awesome features that it has.


Come on Penguins, let’s all go to the Club penguin Night Club so that we can jump  on the DJ3K. Let’s see what all of us can do. Best of all, we are going to have some fun doing it.

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