UPDATE #4: Unfortunately the people who won have not answered their emails, so they miss out on their prize. So, due to lack of response from 2 people I have emailed I have decided to just give the membership code away. That's it. No strings attached. The first person to see it and input it gets the free membership.

Here is the Club Penguin Membership Code: 4199895983022860


UPDATE #3: A winner has been chosen and has been notified via e-mail. As soon as I get a response I will announce the winner here. Thanks to all who have entered and stay tune for Giveaway #2.

UPDATE #2: Wow, this is taking much longer than I thought it would. I will now reveal the second number in the combination.

The first and second numbers are "86".

Please someone guess correctly so I can move on to the other 5 giveaways.

UPDATE: Ok, there have been some close guesses, but I would like to speed this up a bit since I have 5 other codes to giveaway. To do that, I will give you the first number.

The first number of the correct answer is "8"

You still have to guess all 3 numbers in order, but it should be much easier since you have the first one already.

Thanks to PrizeRebel I have 6 codes in my hand that are each good for 1 month of membership on Club Penguin. This contest is for Club Penguin membership code #1. Here's how simple it is to win.

All you need to do is guess the last 3 digits of the membership code to win it. Leave a comment on this post with your guess. The first person to guess correctly, based on the time stamp of the comment, will win the membership.


  • Guess the last 3 digits of the membership code in correct order
  • Must use a valid email address, or else you won't be able to receive the code
  • One guess per 24 hours
  • The winner will be announced the day after the correct guess

Yes, it is that simple to enter this contest. Remember, I have 6 codes, so if you don't win this time you will have other chances this month to win 1 month of membership on Club Penguin.

Once again, I would like to thank PrizeRebel for sponsoring this contest. If you don't win any of the giveaways you can still earn one by signing up at PrizeRebel and completing offers to earn points that you can use towards a membership. Check out my tutorial to see how easy it is to earn a free club penguin membership.

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    Oh geez, i won and i didnt get there quick enough, im waddle1463, do you have another that u can give to me so like i can still get one