Club Penguin is a very successful MMOG with a rich gaming experience for kids in the 6-14 year range. There is a strong focus on child safety, and the result is a virtual world that parents are comfortable with their kids spending time exploring. The game originated as a way to fulfill a social networking need for kids, without compromising safety.
As with many games, there are many resources online for Club Penguin players, and one such resource are in the form of cheats, or published explanations of how to navigate the game either to finish in an area or find something that is hidden or difficult to find. Club Penguin has many sites started by experienced Penguins with Mission Guides, or cheats. These step by step instructions give players a quick way to breeze through their mission, and they also give users who cannot complete their mission and who are frustrated or have spent a lot of time a chance to finish and move on to another part of the game. Users comment that the published Mission Guides are very useful and helpful and are generally very thankful that they exist. Whether your Penguin is new to Club Penguin, or has been playing for a while, Mission Guides can provide an easy solution to being stuck in the game.

3 Responses to “Club Penguin Mission Guides”
  1. pawan says:

    how do we take up missions?

  2. shirin123 says:

    I wan’t to Take the pilite pikcher but i don’t no from Weare I can get it

  3. Darryl Tcheptang says:

    Penguins penguis thit is cool!

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