A complete guide to Mission 13 in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force for the Nintendo DS.

  • Your communicator will ring and you will need to answer it
  • You will be teleported to HQ
  • Head to the Gadget Room where you will discover a big hole in the wall
  • Play Snow Trekker
  • You will finish at a mountain with a hole in the side
  • Go inside where you will discover a Giant Robot and it has captured all the Elite puffles along with Gary
  • Head to the gift shop and then up to the roof
  • Get out the Mechano-Duster and tickle the nose of the robot
  • Blast will fall down into town
  • Head back down and check on Blast to make sure he is ok
  • Head to the Dock
  • Use Blast to hit the chest of the robot
  • Now Loop will be released
  • Head to the Ski Village
  • There you will find Rookie with a rubber duck
  • Now use Loop to tie up the robot
  • Now Flare will be released
  • Head to the beach and use Flare to weld the robot's chest
  • Now Flit will be freed
  • Head to the Beacon where you will use Flit to knock the anvil onto the Robot's head
  • Bouncer will jump out
  • Chase after him using your jetpack
  • Once again, you will end up on the tallest mountain
  • Using Bouncer, throw a snowball at the engine
  • Chirp will now be released
  • Use Chirp on the robot's chest
  • Pop will now jump out
  • Rescue Gary by using a bubble
  • Finally, disable the robot

Congratulations you have completed Mission 13.

72 Responses to “Elite Penguin Force Mission 13 Guide”
  1. coolcat says:

    how do you get the anvil off the robots head

  2. coolcat says:

    it is not easy

  3. ella says:

    yessssssss i have completedmission now it is just the credits

  4. Jesiie x3 says:

    The giant robot looks weird when its attacking the nightclub when you are talking to dot! Its all 3D ish! Naughh! And it captured the puffles! The robot has gone to far >:(

  5. Tandia says:

    you have helped me twice now you are a big help!!!!! :) :D

  6. Emma Maley says:

    Wow I have a total obsession 4 club penguin and u just helped me beat the game. Thanks

  7. lizcourtney says:

    how do you defeat mission cause and efect

  8. hi says:

    yay i am awesome

  9. eboney says:

    This is so hard. How do you get the green puffle to go to the anvil. I carnt do it.

  10. eboney says:

    how do u stop the anvil from moiving?

  11. mally says:

    how do u get the anvil on the head the green puffle isnt doing it

  12. mally says:

    its so hard

  13. mally says:

    hello is anyone there

  14. no name says:

    im here

  15. not here says:

    are you kidding me im finished the game!!

  16. Sarahs01 says:

    what do i do after the credits bcause at the beggining it says 82 percent done what eklse do i hav to do??

  17. justinbieber#1fan says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this mission was like the easiest mission ever hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  18. meowgirl says:

    i just finished the game poooooooooo i want to still play

  19. Maya says:

    I completed all the missions!

  20. Maya says:

    Im bored! Someody say somthing funny!

  21. brandon says:

    how many mission are they

  22. brandon says:

    i think im done

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