A complete guide to Mission 14, Puffle Pranksters, in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force for the Nintendo DS.

Watch these videos to complete the mission.

13 Responses to “Elite Penguin Force Mission 14 Guide – Puffle Pranksters”
  1. Averkios says:

    how much do you sell your website???????

  2. Sobo says:

    500 millon dollars dude!

  3. mommydaddy says:

    Are you crazy????

  4. chiapet57 says:


  5. JM56510 says:

    I LOVE the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  6. whocares89 says:

    How do you find flit and chirp?

  7. elile34 says:

    How do u find Loop?

  8. gnome says:

    the first video was helpful, but the second one is complete crap – good views of your finger and the edge of your ds. and you mum has some nice red roses in the corner. but I have given up watching because this isnt helping me at all. take some advice. if you are going to make a walkthrough video, a video of the screen would be helpful

  9. AllieKat says:

    This is my faveorite mission! I also have the command room.
    And i’m giving away a free CP account!

  10. Tinrey Du says:

    All the videos are dumb.

  11. lizcourtney says:

    where do you start on mission 14

  12. lizcourtney says:

    how do you a comandroom your own camandroom

  13. Cian says:

    lizcourtney, you start mission 14 at the ski village.

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