Hello Club Penguin Agents! It’s high time for some great action, EPF Field Ops missions are now back! For weeks, it has been all quiet since the Hyra robot’s attack and now it’s back and to top it off, we finally got the chance to capture Herbert!
So here it is agents, the cheats for the new Field Ops mission!

Check your spy phone, I hope it didn’t get dusty after all these time, then click “Go There”.

You will be teleported to the EPF Headquarters. Then go to Gary and get the orders from him.

In this mission, you will try to trap Herbert who is sleeping soundly in his lair. There are many steps to do this. To put it simply, you will create the portable AC 3000 and trap him, just like in the picture below.

When you finish it, you will get an AC3000 pin, two Club Penguin medals, and a message from Gary.

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