Hello Club Penguin Agents! Well, that wasn’t that bad was it. The Hydra-bot has been repaired. If you have you’re your Spyphone lately, you might have noticed that G has sent us a new message. This is great news for all the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force agents from all over the island. Once you go to your Spyphone, you will see the following message from Agent G.

This has really brightened up our day. We needed some good news after all the recent activity on the island. The cleanup crews that had started working on repairing the EDF headquarters have finally repaired the HQ after all that damage that had been caused by Herbert’s Hydra-bot. This is all thanks to Agent G.

The timing couldn’t have been better as the Music Jam 2011 is about to start. After all this time waiting the Music Jam will finally be here in just two days.

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