Hello Club Penguin Agents! Did you have time to read the New EDF Spyphone message? It’s all thanks to our members that we knew about the latest Elite Penguin Force Spyphone message in Club Penguin today! Great job Penguins.

It hasn’t been a good day for poor old Agent G,he is still feeling sorry for himself as he thinks that he should have been more careful with the Hydro-Bot. He has been taking some criticism   for letting it fall into Herbert’s. If you haven’t done so yet, then go to the Spyphone to read his latest message. You should see the message below.

It’s ok G, we are not angry, and besides. The Hydro-Bot has been repaired. Now let’s concentrate on the up and coming Club Penguin Music Jam 2011. It is due to arrive today on June 16! We have run out of time so make sure that you keep checking all of our Music Jam Cheats and also our DJ Cadence Tracker and the Penguin Band Tracker!

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