Pin Cheats

7 Responses to “Pin Cheats”
  1. suey85o74 says:

    the cupcake pin is in the sports shop

  2. meow2 says:

    i cant belive i cant find the frog

  3. Ella121212 says:

    umm look meow i know where the frog pin is cuz i hav it

  4. Ke$ha says:

    right now the light bulb pin is in the pizza parlor so look 4 it

  5. rehaan says:

    were r the pins

  6. Jade 145 says:

    There is a pin at The Stage rite now so see and try to find it then go back here and coment

  7. Jade 145 says:

    Hey sup people pins are all around Club Penguin try to find some then come back here and coment

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