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Rockhopper has arrived in Club Penguin and you can find him over at the Beach. There are 4 items you can get from Rockhopper, 1 for non-members and 3 for members. They are Hidden Treasure Background (FREE), Barrel Chair, Admirals Hat, and Admirals Coat. Here is how to access those items.
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Club Penguin March 2010 Clothing Catalog Cheats have arrived. There are 3 news items in the March 2010 Penguin Style catalog. They are Top Hat, Dazzling Blue Top Hat, and Dazzling Blue Tux. Check out all the Club Penguin cheats below.

March 2010 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats
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The new Club Penguin Furniture catalog has been released and there are quite a few new items in it. Here are the club penguin cheats for the Feb-Mar 2010 Better Igloos Catalog.
February-March 2010 Furniture Catalog
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